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Select your availability as per the calendar mentioned, choose your date and time then proceed with your contact details. Don’t forget to share your concern, it will help us to align the specialized homeopathy doctor for the same. For the female patients we always prefer to schedule for female homeopathy doctor.

We are providing online Homeopathic treatment and consultation for people who are looking for expert homeopathic consultations by homeopathic specialists. Online homeopathic treatment is ideal for those who are not able to come to our clinic and for busy people.

People across the world can take guidance and treatment here for their health problems through Google Meet – Homeopathic Doctor Online Consultation.

We also provide online Homeopathy consultation services for all types of diseases with a great emphasis on the skin diseases.

Gupta Homoeo Clinic Provides Holistic and Permanent Cure of Diseases:-

    • Hair Fall

    • Alopecia Areata

    • Migraine

    • Vertigo

    • Renal Stones

    • Other Urinary Tract Infection

    • Allergic Disorders
        • Wheat Allergy

        • Tropical Sprue

        • Coeliac Disease

    • Joint Pains

    • Cervical Spondylosis

Treatment duration time may vary according to the disease as the severity of the disease plays a major role in treating chronic diseases. After the first consultation, which will last for approximately half an hour and Gupta Homeo Clinic will prescribe a Homoeopathic remedy for your complaints.