Why follow Homoeopathy Treatment?

When we take any treatment for any disease many queries come in our mind, that why I should go for that? Is this will be helpful? Why Homoeopathy will give cure? What are the Homeopathy diseases and medicines? So for that we should know about the Homoeopathy and why follow Homoeopathy treatment etc.

What is Homoeopahty and how does it works?

Homeopathy is always a safe and effective method of treatment in any kind of disease because it gives permanent cure. Homoeopathy is a system of alternative medicine founded in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann.

The fundamental principle of follow homoeopathy treatment is based on the law of Similar “like cures like”, the highly diluted preparations of substances that can cause symptoms in healthy individuals are used to stimulate healing reactions in patients who display similar symptoms when they are sick.

Why Follow Homoeopathy Treatment consider the disease as a whole?

According to Homoeopathy treatment the body, mind and emotions are actually fully integrated. Due to this, a homeopath seeks a remedy that fits all of a patient’s physical and mental symptoms. For a Homoeopath symptoms are the language of a disease to express it. Follow Homoeopathy Treatment does not seek to remove or suppress symptoms. Its main aim is to remove the underlying cause of these symptoms. This is why a homeopath will consider disease as a whole person not a symptom of local part.

Homeopathy Treat what type of diseases and take how long time to cure it?

Homeopathy can treat acute and chronic ailments, mental and emotional conditions, safely and effectively without causing any side effects. Unlike any other medicine, homeopathy can alter genetic disease influences on both the physical and psychological level.

In acute disease a remedy is taken frequently during the acute phase to stimulate the immune system, the recovery is quick. Chronic disease, on the other hand, takes longer to heal because a long treatment of homeopathic remedies is needed to treat suppressed symptoms.

Why Us (Gupta Homoeo Clinic):

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Why follow Homoeopathy Treatment?